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Safe and Secure Storage

Our storage can be used for a range of reasons, and isn’t just for customers who move with us. Whether you are in need of student storage, a business archive or a place to keep your furniture for a while, we can provide the service you need.

The ABC storage facility is large enough to work flexibly around you and is carefully monitored to keep stored items safe, free from damp and infestation.

Customers of ABC Removals use the container storage service for many different reasons. It may come in handy during a difficult move or downsizing, or allow you to keep items you love, but no longer have the space for at home.

Simple self-storage can help make your home look good for the market. Our storage option can allow you to declutter, making your property appear more spacious to potential buyers.

A well run archive can boost the potential of a business by freeing up space and capacity. The service ABC Removals provide for file storage includes retrieval, which saves you time, and is guaranteed to be secure. We protect documents stored with us from fire, theft and damp.

So whatever the need for storage, get in touch with ABC Removals for more information. We are happy to help.

Archive Document Storage

If the walls of your office are beginning to sag under the amount of paperwork the law requires you to keep, our secure archiving storage and shredding can provide a low cost solution.

We provide dedicated racking out storage units (from 100 to 1500 Box capacity) that ensures not only easy access to your data when you need it, but also guarantees complete confidentiality.

You are more than welcome to deliver in or retrieve files yourself at no extra cost, or we can retrieve and deliver documents to your door usually within 24 hours and will collect them for return, once finished with. In most cases this service is included in a weekly box rate.n help you with your storage needs.

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